I’m Matthew. 21 and in College. I live in New York, and I’m a writer, musician, and cartoonist. I’m currently learning Mandarin and have a Parakeet.


  1. Thanks for following BuildingMyBento and for liking various posts about Asia, Matthew! If you have any suggestions for quirky travel-related topics, let me know.

    Since you mentioned you’re studying Mandarin, http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php is is one of the better dictionaries out there, but I wish I could remember sites that included examples too.

  2. Thanks for liking my post about Guatemala City, Matthew! Is Guatemala in your travel plans?

    • Sorry for the late reply!
      No, I can’t say it is. I liked how you humorously pointed out how many structures around the world mimic the Eiffel Tower so closely (“where else can you see it but here, here and here”).

  3. Hello, I read your Freshly Pressed blog post, and liked it greatly.
    Didn’t know you were learning Mandarin, nihao nihao,,,,

    • 你好! 谢谢你!its a difficult language!

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