Monthly Archives: September 2013

Classes have started again and I am a diligent student: his books in his bag, he rides on his bike, a lovely twenty minute ride, a commute cut in half after moving.

There are pretty girls all over, in shorts and skirts, bare shoulders and warm summer complexions. The professors are mild and I keep my eye on the Dean’s List.

A good GPA and then hopefully a scholarship or grant, and I can study in China. In Shanghai and in Nanjing. I know my mind will be open wide after that. Somehow I wonder if my best years are ahead, and not behind as I had thought for so long.

After holding a conversation with French student for almost an hour (in English), I knew I had to travel and that this world was inhabited by beautiful people, waiting to be met, enjoying lengthy conversation, with places to go but they have to go much later.

My bird chatters in the background as the sky fades to bluish grey. There are books to be read and stories to write.