Bachelor Diet

There were two weeks during which I only ate sardines. Those weeks being an exception, I usually eat well. I can no longer eat sardines.

I usually make chicken cutlets or minute steaks (which I am growing sick of) and a side of some kind of vegetable; lately they have been frozen. The drinks are usually the same, as well: tomato juice or iced tea. Soda occasionally, but with guilt.

My diet is neither poor nor rich, but altogether monotonous.

I first tried eating only beans, so as to save money; canned chickpeas and the more expensive Cannelinis. I did this for almost a month until I made chicken cutlets one night and realized how miserable and hungry I had been all along. I then knew that I would have to spend a significant amount of time and money on food.

Sometimes I try to make the steaks rare, but they are too thin. I’ve also been working on my cutlet technique. I once made macaroni and cheese from scratch. I over-salted it and did not forgive myself, but I was still proud.

There was also a time when I only ate pasta, but there is only so much Penne and Angel’s Hair one can take. It almost always comes out al dente now. Sometimes too al dente, depending on the brand; after over-cooking a generic brand, I was too cautious on my usual brand and ate it almost raw.

When I used to shop at the Asian Food Mart, I would buy a bag of pot stickers and several packets of cheap Udon. I would make large bowls of soup, seasoning the broth with Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce, boiling the pot stickers first and then the Udon (Udon cooks very quickly, and unlike pot stickers, if it falls apart, is not so appetizing), throwing in chopped portobellos, mung bean sprouts, lettuce and spinach and occasionally a Brussels sprout or two. Of course, for the Brussels sprouts to boil properly, they would have to be thrown in first, as I learned after eating rock-hard Brussels sprouts in several of my own meals.

I bought my first Brussels sprouts at the Asian Food Mart, ironically enough.

Now for a late lunch, I will be eating the wild card of the Bachelor Diet: leftovers from eating out. My microwave is broken, so I will be heating the Shepherd’s Pie in a pan, low flame, ignition by means of lighter in lieu of a working pilot light.



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