Four Seasons Of Fixation

I go through seasons in which I become interested in only one thing and with great tunnel vision, be it literature, music, Death Metal, or Anime.

When I am in Literature Season, I read compulsively. Or re-read my favorites compulsively, and if I’m lucky, make new favorites. This is my favorite Season. I am currently in the middle of my second reading of Stop-Time by Frank Conroy.

When I am in Music Season, I look for new artists, usually with an electronic or indie style. I may also feel encouraged to write my own music and have a go at creating my own tracks.

In Death Metal season, I will be going through hard times and will feel down. I will listen to dark Industrial in this season as well, wishing I could be an industrial artist myself. I begin to play my guitar in drop C and work on faster speed picking. The song that inspires my Metal playing the most is Nile’s “Lashed To The Slave Stick”, and it may just be my favorite song, metal or otherwise, if only too grating on the ears to be listened to casually.

Anime season is the worst and most vacuous of them all. Nothing else could have me wondering if I should spend close to a hundred dollars on a six-inch figure of a little girl.

I am now in Anime Season. A time not to create, or to think, but to consume.


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